My Martial Arts history started in 1979. I was 17 years old and attended the local Shotakan Karate club in Chertsey, Surrey. I trained hard and achieved my black belt 1st dan in 1984,and my 2nd dan in 1987, both awarded by the late great Sensie Enoeda.

While training for my 3rd dan I was becoming disillusioned, and attended some seminars in London with Dan Inosanto and Larry Hartsell. I was blown away and became hooked on the fantastic arts being taught under the banner of JKD Concepts, Kali, and Fillipino Arts.

At this stage i decided to walk away from Karate as I felt there was something missing and began training in JKD Concepts. Over the next several years I continued to train with Dan Inosanto, Larry Hartsell,
Rick Faye, Paul Vunak, Cass Magda, and the rest of the JKD family when they came over from the USA, but most of my training was with Rick Young, Terry Barnett and Bob Breen from the UK.

I also had my own club running at this time. I became heavily involved with self defence / reality based training including VIP protection, along with traditional Ju-Jitsu, joint locking-control and restraining techniques.

In the late 90s an injury (non martial arts related), work and family commitments forced me to re-assess my priorities and I stopped training and teaching to concentrate of other things.

Around 2003, I returned to training in JKD with renewed commitment, soon restarting my club where many of my old students returned and the club continues to grow to this day. I have trained in a great many systems, under many great instructors, too many to list here, and have been fortunate to be awarded:

1/ My Black Belts in Shotokan Karate

2/ Instructorship in Integrated Arts under Guru Terry Barnett

3/ Black Belt and Associate 2 Instructorship under Guru Bob Breen

4/ Instructorship under Guru Paul Vunak

5/ Associate Instructorship under Guru John Koeshall in Thru-The Fire Association, where I co-teach our instructorship program.

6/ Associate Instructor under Guru Rick Faye of the Minnesota Kali Group

7/ Apprentice Instructor in Jun Fan/JKD Concepts and Fillipino martial arts under Guru Dan Inosanto

8/ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Blue Belt under Instructor Dave Birkett and graded by Mark Walder